EvCon GmbH in Germany

Co-founded in December 2016 by Wolfgang Heinzl (Inventor), Issad Rebrab (Founder and President of Cevital Group) and Kamal Benkoussa.

Located in Munich, Germany – General managers: Kamal Benkoussa and Stephan Heinzl.

Creator of the 3rd generation of modules for Vacuum-Multi-Effect-Membrane-Distillation (VMEMD) – a thermal low-temperature separation process for aqueous solutions.

Development of VMEMD-applications and the corresponding systems/units.

Successor of the memsys GmbH, which developed the 1st and 2nd generation of VMEMD modules.

Holder of the IP concerning three generations (memsys & EvCon) of VMEMD and related processes.

Motivated engineering and construction team with lots of experience in the water and energy sector

Test systems for the development of applications, process improvements and technology trainings

Lab-space and tool-shop for R&D experiments, assembly, testing and modifications

Module production

Highly automated production process

The VMEMD process and its production technology has been continually developed over a period of ten years by a team of specialists committed to the technology’s optimisation.

EvCon is now bringing to the international market a third generation module, which has revolutionised the offering on account of its scalability, lower costs and greater efficiency.

Furthermore, fully automated production lines drive an improved production strategy with higher capacity, reduced costs and 100% quality control.

The production lines were developed in cooperation with strong partners for production and automation technology from Germany and Europe. Some of the steps within the production process are very specific and were tailor-made for the fabrication of membrane modules. EvCon did not only provide the concept and detail knowledge, several processes needed to be developed and built by the EvCon engineering team from scratch.

Job opportunities

We are hiring!

If you would like to help shape the future of water treatment, we look forward to receiving your detailed application with a resume and description of your previous work experience.